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Bismillaahi Ta’ala
Dear Brothers and Sisters, I warn you against paying heed to the lies and falsehoods that the kuffaar Westerners spread about matters that are settled in our faith. I often hear about certain brothers who read articles about a certain topic in an encyclopedia or on wikipedia, and they believe it to be the truth without confirming it from the `ulema of our Ummah. Do not fall prey to such traps, because these kuffaar “scholars” and “historians” seek only to extinguish the flame of Islam, “But they plan, and Allaah plans, And Allaah is the best of planners!” (Qur’aan, Surah 8, Verse 30)
For example, we read the following about the origin of the Jacobites (al-Ya’qubiyyah) and the Nestorians (al-Nustooriyyah) from these kuffaar “historians”:
Encyclopedia Britannica about Nestorians
Catholic Encyclopedia
Princeton University online documents
As you can see, ALL these sources claim that the Nestorians were the followers of Nestorius, the Patriarch of Constantinople, who died more than four hundred years after Prophet Isa (peace be upon him) was raised to Heaven. And this is a blatant lie as, inshaAllaah, I will explain below.
Similarly, when you look at the lies these kuffaar spread about Jacobites, you see the following:
Encyclopedia Britannica about Jacobites
BRILLOnline Reference Works
Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization
And now even some Muslim “historians”
As you can see, they claim that Jacobites were the followers of Jacob Baradaeus, the Bishop of Edessa, who they ALL claim died in the year 578 AD.
But I ask these kuffaar “scholars” and “historians”, Where is your evidence for these claims? You spread these lies and falsehoods on the basis of nothing but your empty guesses! But the truth is with Allaah (SWT) and He has revealed it to His beloved Prophet (S) and made it manifest in the hearts of the believers.
Dear brothers and sisters, let me show the truth of the matter. Imam Ibn Katheer narrates in his Tafseer the following authentic hadith from Ibn Abbas (May Allaah be pleased with him):


قال ابن أبي حاتم : حدثنا أحمد بن سنان ، حدثنا أبو معاوية ، عن الأعمش ، عن المنهال بن عمرو ، عن سعيد بن جبير ، عن ابن عباس قال : لما أراد الله أن يرفع عيسى إلى السماء ، خرج على أصحابه – وفي البيت اثنا عشر رجلا من الحواريين – يعني : فخرج عليهم من عين في البيت ، ورأسه يقطر ماء ، فقال : إن منكم من يكفر بي اثنتي عشرة مرة ، بعد أن آمن بي . ثم قال : أيكم يلقى عليه شبهي ، فيقتل مكاني ويكون معي في درجتي ؟ فقام شاب من أحدثهم سنا ، فقال له : اجلس . ثم أعاد عليهم فقام ذلك الشاب ، فقال : اجلس . ثم أعاد عليهم فقام الشاب فقال : أنا . فقال : أنت هو ذاك . فألقي عليه شبه عيسى ورفع عيسى من روزنة في البيت إلى السماء . قال : وجاء الطلب من اليهود فأخذوا الشبه فقتلوه ، ثم صلبوه وكفر به بعضهم اثنتي عشرة مرة ، بعد أن آمن به ، وافترقوا ثلاث فرق ، فقالت طائفة : كان الله فينا ما شاء ثم صعد إلى السماء . وهؤلاء اليعقوبية ، وقالت فرقة : كان فينا ابن الله ما شاء ، ثم رفعه الله إليه . وهؤلاء النسطورية ، وقالت فرقة : كان فينا عبد الله ورسوله ما شاء ، ثم رفعه الله إليه . وهؤلاء المسلمون ، فتظاهرت الكافرتان على المسلمة ، فقتلوها ، فلم يزل الإسلام طامسا حتى بعث الله محمدا صلى الله عليه وسلم .
وهذا إسناد صحيح إلى ابن عباس


Ibn Abbas said, “When Allaah decided to raise `Isa to Heaven, `Isa went to his companions – and in the house there were twelve men from his disciples – while drops of water were dripping from his head. `Isa said to them, “Some of you will disbelieve in me twelve times after having believed in me.” He then asked, “Who among you volunteers that he be made to resemble me and be killed instead of me; he will be with me in my place (in Paradise).” One of the youngest men present volunteered, but `Isa commanded him to sit down. `Isa repeated his statement and the young man again stood up and volunteered, and `Isa again told him to sit down. `Isa repeated the same statement and the young man volunteered. This time, `Isa said, “Then it will be you.” The appearance of `Isa was cast upon that young man, while `Isa, peace be on him, was raised to heaven through an opening in the roof of the house. The Jews came looking for `Isa and arrested the one that appeared as him, killing him by crucifixion. Some of them disbelieved in `Isa twelve times, after they had believed in him. They divided into three groups. One group said, “God was among us and then ascended to heaven”. These are the Jacobites. One group said, “The son of God was among us and then God raised him to Himself”. These are the Nestorians. One group said, “A servant of god and His messenger was among us and then God raised him to Himself”. These are the Muslims. Then the two unbelieving sects prevailed against the Muslims and killed them. Islam remained eradicated until God sent Muhammad, may Allaah’s blessing and peace be upon him.
Imam Ibn Katheer adds: And this chain of narration is authentic (Saheeh) from Ibn Abbas.
(This narration can also be read in al-Bidayah wal-Nihayah (vol 2, page 85) of Imam Ibn Katheer, as well as in Fath al-Qadeer (vol 1, pg 800) of Imam ash-Shawkani.)

So we see that the Prophet (S) himself is telling us that the Nestorians and the Jacobites were present right after the death Prophet `Isa, and they were the ones who killed off all the TRUE believers in Prophet `Isa (the Muslims!). They did not come into existence hundreds of years later, as these kuffaar “historians” and “scholars” are telling us.
So I warn you again, dear brothers and sisters, do not fall into the traps of these kuffaar and deviate from your faith. For the Truth has come to us from our Lord, and we hear and we obey.